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At Danaher, we bring science to life and turn innovation into impact. We focus on genomic medicine, early diagnosis and precision medicine, scalable R&D and next-gen biomanufacturing – all cutting-edge fields where Danaher is uniquely poised to drive progress.



Genomic medicine

From Genomes to Cures. We envision a future in which no disease is untreatable. With ground-breaking discoveries in genomics, we can now approach each patient’s healthcare from the basis of their unique biological makeup. 


At Danaher, we bring together leaders in gene therapy, cell therapy, molecular oncology and other genomic modalities. Then we put the power of the Danaher businesses to work, providing the technologies, tools and know-how to ensure a future where every patient can benefit from the individualized treatment they need.





Genomic medicine
Science early diagnosis

Early diagnosis and precision medicine

From Insights to Impact. To precisely treat symptoms, we need to identify their underlying causes. Early diagnosis and precision medicine have the potential to make it possible. At Danaher, our Diagnostics businesses are laser-focused on creating tools and technologies – from cutting-edge molecular assays to advanced imaging augmented by AI – that help healthcare providers diagnose diseases with unprecedented speed and precision. And our Life Sciences businesses are uncovering ways to deliver the right treatments to the right patients at the right time.


Next-gen biomanufacturing

From Process to Patients. To make precision therapeutics a reality for patients, we need a biomanufacturing revolution. At Danaher, we’re transforming how therapies are manufactured, creating flexible solutions and end-to-end, fully automated and integrated processes that can be scaled up or down and out as needed.


We’re excited to support biopharmaceutical companies that are embracing this next generation of technology.



Nextgen biomanufacturing
Human systems R&D

Scalable R&D

From Discovery to Approval. The drug discovery cycle used to take 10-15 years. Now, we are helping to expedite the translation of discoveries into therapies by enabling researchers across academia, industry, government, and non-profits to scale and accelerate their research and development processes. 


With world-leading technologies, specialized tools, and deep expertise, we’re providing new ways to better measure and understand disease mechanisms and standardize best-in-class processes to usher in a new era of R&D.


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