Our Approach
Committed to continuous improvement
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Innovation drives us forward, fueling breakthrough solutions that have real-life impact.

Accelerating impact through the Danaher Business System

The Danaher Business System (DBS) is the heartbeat of Danaher. It’s our system of continuous improvement and the culture that makes it work.

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The DBS innovation engine

Innovation is the outcome of the right strategy, processes, and culture—and our rigorous framework encompasses it all. The DBS Innovation Engine brings our innovation strategy, organization, talent, and culture to life.

Strategic framework

We approach innovation with a clear, long-term growth mindset that enables us to formulate how to support our most critical goals.

Innovation model

Innovation defines our future, and this is evident throughout Danaher.  Collaboration across departments, businesses, and business groups is encouraged to solicit diverse perspectives and promote both organic and inorganic growth. 

Advanced tools

We leverage tools that help us uncover and prioritize customer problems, finding solutions through products, services, and technologies.

Talent and culture

We identify the most effective, passionate leaders who live DBS and lead by example. Every associate is held to the same standards of behavior and our teams are empowered to accelerate continuous improvement in their own functions. 

Growth methodology

We focus on a continuous improvement approach to understand how effectively each part of the Innovation Engine is working and to measure overall growth.

Our acquisition strategy

From adding exciting new technologies to contributing new perspectives and skills to our extended team, our focused acquisition strategy is essential as we accelerate the power of science and technology to help our customers, our companies and our shareholders.

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Putting partnership first

At Danaher, we strive to boost connectivity through partnership initiatives that bring bright minds together to create impact.


We’re collaborating with top academic researchers and institutions to advance R&D, leverage unique expertise, and access breakthrough science to create technologies and applications that improve human health.


We encourage our businesses to bring their unique expertise, capabilities, tools, and technologies together to create new innovations. This collaboration catalyzes the development of new products and technologies.


We strategically identify early-stage businesses with disruptive biologic technologies. With equity investments in these organizations, we open innovation funnels and fill unique market gaps.

Promoting a culture of diversity, equity, + inclusion

At Danaher, we believe diversity is a key driver of innovation and success—we are dedicated to nurturing an inclusive culture that ensures that our people and our work reflects the communities we serve.