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Our Businesses

Danaher companies are committed to improving quality of life around the world by tackling their customers’ most complex challenges.


Environmental & Applied Solutions

From innovative consumer packaging to drinking water purification, Danaher’s Environmental and Applied Solutions businesses protect precious resources and keep our global food and water supplies safe. Our Product Identification businesses touch consumer, industrial and pharmaceutical products throughout the supply chain to ensure freshness, consistency, and accurate labeling and tracking. And our Water Quality businesses deliver precision instrumentation and advanced purification technology to help analyze, treat and manage the world’s water, from municipal and wastewater treatment facilities to lakes, streams and oceans.

In the Dentist Chair


If you have ever sat in a dentist’s chair, your experience was likely made better by Danaher businesses. Our precision tools and powerful lights help clinicians work accurately and efficiently. Our software powers comprehensive, digital diagnostics and treatment planning to keep teeth and gums healthy. Our advanced restoratives, implants and orthodontic offerings help correct smiles quickly and safely. Danaher’s Dental companies are committed to making dental care increasingly safe, comfortable and effective around the globe.

Life Sciences Pall

Life Sciences

Every day, scientists around the world are tackling chronic diseases and infections at the cellular level to understand causes, identify treatments and test new drugs and vaccines. Danaher’s Life Sciences companies make this leading-edge scientific research possible at clinical research facilities, academic institutions and government agencies. Our capabilities extend beyond research with the world’s most advanced filtration, separation and purification technologies, which power the creation of biopharmaceuticals, microelectronics and more.

Leica Biosystems Tissue Analysis


Wherever health care happens—from a family physician’s office to leading trauma hospitals, laboratories and critical care units, Danaher’s Diagnostics businesses safeguard patient health and improve diagnostic confidence with the most advanced tools and software available. As our global population expands, these innovative companies help the medical field keep pace through powerful preventative and predictive care, automated processes and mobile equipment.