Partnering for growth and innovation

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By partnering with experts in science and technology, we come together to innovate at the speed of life and create a lasting impact. 

Innovation driven by collaboration


We’re collaborating with top academic researchers and institutions to drive R&D, leverage unique expertise, and create scientific breakthroughs that improve human health.


We strategically identify early-stage businesses with disruptive life sciences technologies. With equity investments in these organizations, we open innovation funnels and fill unique market gaps.

Our partnership ethos

At Danaher, we believe in the power of partnerships to drive growth, innovation, and success, which is why we are dedicated to cultivating lasting relationships. We partner with leading universities, research institutions, and growing organizations around the world to fuel advancements in science and technology.

A lab scientist runs a meeting with his team around a whiteboard

Partnering with science and technology experts

Accelerating solutions for manufacturing challenges

A Danaher Beacons partnership, we’re working alongside the University of Pennsylvania’s Center for Cellular Immunotherapies to find innovative solutions to manufacturing challenges that impact the uptake of cell therapies in patient care.

Powering gene therapy innovation

We’re working alongside academic leaders at Duke University to uncover product solutions that help reduce roadblocks impacting viral vector manufacturing yield and quality. Our goal is to improve manufacturing processes and extend the reach of quality treatment options.

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Paving the way for precision medicine

We’re partnering with the University of Oxford to develop a new molecular test to enable precision medicine care for sepsis, a pathological immune response to infection that accounts for one in five deaths globally each year.