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As champions of growth, we acquire and nurture the brightest businesses with the most strategic value.

Our acquisition strategy

Mergers and acquisitions have always been the driving force behind our sustained growth. Since our founding in 1984, we’ve acquired hundreds of businesses.

We create a portfolio that reflects Danaher’s ethos and goals, so we strategically target science and technology organizations that have the potential to unlock the most attractive growth opportunities.

Steered by our decentralized operating structure, we preserve what makes each of our businesses unique and successful while powering their potential for progress through our global scale and reach.

To ensure these businesses will help us continue cultivating an ecosystem that accelerates real-life impact,  we consider these key factors:

Sustaining our growth

We take a rigorous approach to accelerating our acquisitions’ growth as part of the Danaher ecosystem. 

Once we’ve acquired a business, we focus on supporting its integration and transition by providing the support, tools, and resources it needs to achieve the greatest possible impact. As part of Danaher, these businesses are newly equipped to leverage our scale and reach to accelerate critical innovations - improving outcomes and quality of life for people across the globe.

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Accelerating real-life impact

More than 50% of Danaher's total revenue today has been acquired in the past decade.

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While past businesses acquired by Danaher Corporation have experienced invaluable growth and opportunities, there are no guarantees that all businesses will enjoy the same level of success.