Radiometer’s Gender Diversity in Top Management

Over the last four years in Denmark, more directorships and management positions have been filled by women. The Danish act on gender equality in management has been a good framework for this development, according to the Confederation of Danish Industry (DI).

Long before this act was passed in Denmark, Radiometer, who manufactures measuring instruments to the health care sector, has made a conscious effort to get an equal representation of men and women in their top management positions.

"It is no secret that we like diversity," says Henrik Schimmell, President of Radiometer. "For us diversity is not only about gender, but it is a good place to start. The more diverse we are, the better we function as a team."

Radiometer is a good example of the development moving in the right direction when it comes to distributing Danish management positions more evenly between genders. More women are becoming part of the board and management teams of Danish companies, a new analysis from DI shows.  Schimmell thinks that the act with the objective to make more women join Danish boards is a good tool, and that it sends a good signal.

He is, however, not in favor of quotas that are compulsory for the companies. "Competence should always take priority over gender," says Schimmell. Nonetheless this was what the previous government had on the drawing board before the current act was passed.

Schimmell explains that for him gender equality is a long process starting at the employment and continuing with the development of talent where the same number of men and women must be identified and matured for upcoming management positions.

"When we look at the total talent mass in the company, it is important to consistently review the mix of men and women in order to ensure that we constantly have a diverse mass when we need to recruit internally for the top positions," says Henrik Schimmell.

When Radiometer is searching for new leaders, 75 percent of the positions are filled by internal candidates. Radiometer has about 1000 employees in Denmark.