Pall Helps Bottled Water Plant Stay Open and Profitable

For Pall's Food & Beverage (F&B) team, "protecting what matters" goes far beyond safeguarding what people eat and drink; it also extends to protecting customers' brands, businesses and jobs.  

Such was the case when the F&B team stepped in to help one customer — a spring water supplier based in Illinois — who needed to improve water quality in order to keep one of its customer's bottled water plants from closure.

At the time, the spring water supplier was using only minimal water filtration on its source water. As a result, the bottled water plant receiving the water was forced to spend an increasing amount on purification treatments. Eventually, their filtration spend and other related costs had grown to unsustainable levels. The economics of the situation were so difficult, the company considered closing this plant and shifting operations to sister plants.

This move would have resulted in significant job loss as well as potential for the spring water supplier to lose its main customer.

Serving as the "go-to" partner, Pall's sales team jumped in and suggested an Aria FB-4 water filtration system at the initial point — the spring water supplier's facility. The facility rented the Pall system as a trial. After an overwhelmingly positive outcome, the water quality was so markedly improved that the customer decided to purchase a system one month later. To enable a speedy implementation of the improved solution, Pall left the rental unit in place until a new system was delivered.    

In addition to strong work early on by the sales team, Pall Advanced Separations Systems (PASS) Applications Support assisted with rental system setup and installation, operator training and final system commissioning.   

The Aria FB-4 system led to immediate results at both ends of the spectrum. Due to the improved water quality coming from the water supplier, the bottled water plant's disposable filter spend was cut in half, and its water usage for carbon bed backwashing was reduced by 87.5%. Significant cost savings (nearly $100,000 annually) have resulted in higher profitability for the plant, enabling it to maintain its operations and current employment levels.

"For me, this was an excellent example of protecting what matters," said David Kalman, Sales Manager, who managed the entire project and sales opportunity from its initial discovery several years ago. "Not only did we protect our customer's brand, we also protected the consumer with higher quality water, and saved a plant from closure, which protected jobs and the livelihood of families in the small town."