Leica Biosystems Tissue Acquisition Solutions Team Members

This October, Leica Biosystems Tissue Acquisition Solutions team members around the world were busy promoting the importance of Breast Cancer Awareness month and raising funds for multiple breast cancer charities. Headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, the company is committed to advancing technology for the early detection of breast cancer, providing support and education for clinicians worldwide, and offering breast care information for patients.

United States

At the headquarters in Cincinnati, assocaites participated in multiple activities this October, including Penny Wars, raffles and a Pink Pancake breakfast. Through these activities and personal fundraising efforts, the team placed first in fundraising among all corporate teams, as well as, was the largest corporate team in attendance at the Cincinnati Susan G. Komen Race for a Cure. The company also kicked off the month of October by lighting up their offices in pink, which was seen by thousands of Cincinnati residents as they drive down the highway. The team also painted Breast Cancer Awareness paintings for the annual Art Auction and concluded the month's activities with a silent auction to raise funds for the "I Have Wings – Breast Cancer Foundation," a charity dedicated to enriching lives during a breast cancer journey. Lastly,  a Mobile Mammogram van stopped by the offices in October for a convenient way to offer female associates their annual mammogram!

Germany and France

The European offices worked with two different breast cancer charities to raise funds in France and Germany this October. In France, the team made a donation to the French breast cancer association "Le Cancer du Sein, Parlons-en!" At the Tissue Acquisition Solutions European office in Hamburg, the team provided waffles for donations in the Bistro where they have lunch every day. In five days the team collected almost €700, which the company doubled, so the Rexrodt von Fircks organization received ~€1.400 to support their charity activities. This foundation supports children of young mothers who are diagnosed with cancer.


China's Anti-Cancer Association, Breast Cancer Committee, hosted the 12th  Annual Shanghai International Breast Cancer Symposia (for doctors) as well as the 2nd Annual Shanghai Breast Cancer Rehabilitation Symposia (for patients)  this October. About 2500 doctors and 800 patients attended the symposia respectively. Tissue Acquisition Solutions China sponsored a booth during these two symposias.  In addition, associates participated in the charity race, "Run For Her Familty", which was held in connection with the symposia.

South Korea

The South Korea Tissue Acquisition Solutions team was a sponsor of the "Pink Ribbon Campaign" this October in "Seoullo 7017." The event was hosted by the Korea Cancer Association and included concerts and many booth activities. The entire Korean team delivered the importance of prevention of breast cancer at their booth and shared  "Cotton Candy of Hope" to the thousands of Seoul citizens in attendance, symbolizing hope for a full recovery from breast cancer.


The Japan Tissue Acquisition Solutions team participated and advertised at the Kyoto Pink Ribbon Associates stamp rally event in Kyoto on Oct 7, 2017.  The event included a 12km walk and 15 places to put pink ribbon related stamps. Approximately 1,000 people participated in the event.


The staff at the Leica Biosystems Tissue Acquisition Solutions plant in Tijuana hosted a wide variety of breast cancer awareness month activities. They kicked off the events by lighting up the building in pink and displaying a huge breast cancer awareness sign, providing cupcakes, and offering free medical tests for female associates. Additional activities included creating a pink ribbon tree which showcases how their hands help to save the lives of so many patients globally.  They also painted pink ribbon artwork and provided pink ribbon t-shirts and balloons.

In all, the staff at Leica Biosystems Tissue Acquisition Solutions donated over $30,0000 to several important breast cancer charities and helped educate thousands of patients around the globe about the importance of early breast cancer detection.