Leaders in Latin America Improve Local School

Leaders from around Latin America came together in Santiago, Chile recently to share experiences, learn from one another, and to build the Danaher culture. Chile was selected as the DLC Latin America site as it is the home to four operating companies and 760 associates (Aguasin, Termodinamica, VideoJet and M-dent).

LA_DLCAside from learning through the platform flights, LA DLC participants donated their time and energy in a collaborative activity at the Paulo Neruda school.  160 participants spent an afternoon working together to improve the school environment by painting walls and classrooms, building desks, planting gardens and trees, laying flooring and artificial grass and preparing gift bags for the children.  The Paulo Neruda School supports special needs children with classes, activities, day care,  meals and lodging and is maintained by private donations.  Danaher also donated laptops to the school for use in the classrooms.

The children watched with anticipation as their playground was transformed from a dirt field to a grass play área with white washed fences, a  vegetable garden and trees. Danaher associates worked eagerly creating their shared purpose to benefit the children of the Paulo Neruda Community and to leave their mark in Santiago, Chile.      

We thank all for helping this very special group to Realize Life's Potential.