Helping Hungry Houstonians in Time of Need

Many victims of Hurricane Harvey have been left with nothing but the clothes on their back, and that's why one organization, Operation BBQ Relief, worked provide something as simple as a hot meal to people in Houston. Getting there and getting it done is took a lot of help from many people; one of the many individuals doing their part to support each of the victims is Jon Hansel, Nobel Biocare Territory Manager.

Jon arrived in Houston, Texas, on September 2, where he immediately set up and started grilling more than 800 pounds of North Carolina style BBQ. Since then, he has cooked around 1600-1800 pounds of meat (pork/turkey/chicken/beef) every 12 hours. He spent the following week lending a hand and feeding those affected by the hurricane.

Each box loaded into Jon's truck was an assurance that he'd feed as many people as possible during his seven days in Texas.

"We're cooked everything we could and it was wonderful," Jon said. Jon's day job as a Nobel Biocare Territory Manager has nothing to do with cooking, but in his spare time, he's a pit master for competition and charity.

"When you hand somebody a plate of food you see it in their eyes that this is something important to them," said Hansel.

Jon is one of the many cooks from around the country sent by Operation BBQ Relief to feed people in Texas. He and his pit partner cooked non-stop, turning out more than 1,200 pounds of smoked meat a day.

"My barbecue rig back here has three smokers on it, and I have the capacity to produce about 4,000 plates of barbecue each day," Jon said.

He knows Texans take their barbecue seriously, and hopes what he had to offer made their day a little better.