Danaher Welcomes Phenomenex to the Life Sciences Segment

Welcome Phenomenex

Phenomenex joined Danaher in November and is a leading player in proprietary chromatography consumables, serving the liquid and gas chromatography market. Over the past 30 years Phenomenex has grown to become a leader in the market with more than 7,000 products supporting a broad diversity of applications in drug discovery and development, clinical research, forensic toxicology, petrochemical, environmental analysis and food safety. Its more than 700 employees sell and provide support in 92 countries through direct and distributor channels.

"Phenomenex is a widely recognizable brand that we are proud to say is highly respected and well established as providing high-quality consumables to the scientific community worldwide," said Fasha Mahjoor, CEO, Phenomenex. "Joining Danaher allows us to maintain the high pace of innovation that our customers and international distributors have come to expect from us. This is our opportunity to further expand our R&D activities, benefit our customers with a more diversified product portfolio and reinforce our market leadership."

"We are thrilled to have Phenomenex join Danaher's life sciences portfolio of businesses, which include SCIEX, Beckman Coulter Life Sciences, Pall, Leica Microsystems and Molecular Devices," said Dan Daniel, Executive Vice President, Danaher. "Phenomenex is a strong business characterized by high growth rates and margins and excellent growth prospects driven by increasing analytical testing needs in the health, research and environmental segments. The Danaher Business System (DBS) has a strong track record of helping businesses rapidly scale operations and create long-term customer value. We look forward to supporting the Phenomenex team in leveraging DBS tools for growth and welcoming them to our Life Sciences team."

Like all of our operating companies, Phenomenex will operate as a standalone company within the Life Sciences segment, reporting through Jean-Paul Mangeolle, President of SCIEX. While there will be no direct relationship between SCIEX and Phenomenex, SCIEX has a strategic understanding of Phenomenex's market opportunity and can closely guide the business in driving growth using DBS tools.

Here are some facts about Phenomenex that makes it a great addition to the Danaher family:

• Phenomenex's best-in-class technology makes it the premier brand in the $10-billion chromatography market, providing Danaher's Life Sciences segment with a strong base from which to build and strengthen our position as a leading chromatography business.

• Phenomenex enjoys high growth rates generated exclusively from recurring revenues, strong margins and excellent growth prospects driven by increasing analytical testing needs in the health, research and environmental segments.

• Phenomenex has enjoyed a long-standing, strategic partnership with mass spectrometry leader SCIEX, both leveraging their complementary technologies in the field of LC-MS to respond to global food crises, address emerging needs in clinical research and develop industry-leading solutions for analytical scientists. As part of Danaher, Phenomenex and SCIEX will take further advantage of opportunities in the markets that they jointly serve.

• We welcome more than 700 Phenomenex associates to our team, who bring strong and much-needed competence and experience in consumables to Danaher, including its founder Fasha Mahjoor, who has agreed to continue leading Phenomenex in support of Danaher's objectives.