Danaher Partners with Society of Women Engineers

At Danaher, the importance of Diversity & Inclusion is anchored in one of our core values: The Best Team Wins. To achieve our goal of winning as the best team, we once again partnered with the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) to attract, recruit, and engage a diverse talent base to help us better serve our customers. This year from October 25-27, associates from our operating companies participated at the SWE national meeting in Austin, Texas. The team worked tirelessly to expand our future funnel of talented, high performing associate engineers by representing Danaher and our operating companies.

The annual meeting was the largest ever held by SWE and attendance sold out. More than 14,000 professional-level and early career women engineers came to this year's national meeting.  Danaher was on the career fair floor, hosted numerous discussions and held a hospitality event. Colleagues from our platforms showed up on the recruiting floor inviting some of the best and brightest engineers to learn more about our unique company and culture. Stephanie Fasen from Beckman Coulter was a panelist moderator for "How Does She Do It?." Amanda Lewis-Kite from Pall gave a compelling Tech Talk highlighting some of our products.  Javon Rahmaan (from Corporate University Recruiting) and Clarissa Danif (Molecular Devices) held a breakout information session to better inform attendees about Danaher.   

"It was very encouraging to see many talented young graduates in different engineering fields and interested in Danaher," says Deepali Rashingkar, Software Programing Engineering Manager, Cepheid. "It feels so proud to be working for Danaher. It was a privilege to represent Cepheid and meet all other talented ladies who are so strong and powerful and setting examples to others!"

In 2017, Danaher has embraced our commitment to SWE and we look toward enhancing our relationship in the future. Special thanks go out to the team and the associates that gave their unique voice at the conference.  Partnering with diverse organizations like SWE, not only allows us to expand our talent pool for potential associates, it provides opportunities for current Danaher associates to connect with peers in industry and to broaden their professional networks.  Danaher was proud to sponsor WE17 and will continue its commitment to the membership. SWE's 2017 annual theme of Always Connecting... Always Engineering aligned well with our standard of continuous improvement.

To further strengthen our alliance with SWE, Danaher will be participating and exhibiting at the upcoming WE local event in Mumbai, India, March 21-23, 2018.