Political Activity & Contributions


    We believe in the right of associates to participate in the political process. You are encouraged to be active in charitable and political activities on your own time and at your own expense.

    Consistent with applicable laws, Danaher will exercise its right to make its position known on relevant issues. When doing so, we follow all lobbying laws, and may engage associates or professional lobbyists to work with government officials on our behalf.

    • In all communications, make it clear that your political views and actions are your own and not those of Danaher.
    • Never use Danaher resources to contribute to, support or oppose any political party or candidate unless approved by Danaher Corporation’s Board of Directors or a committee of the Board.
    • Supervisors should not solicit direct or indirect reports to contribute to, support or oppose any political party or candidate.
    • Never make a charitable or political contribution with the intent to improperly influence someone.


    I went to a fundraising dinner for a candidate for a local government office. This candidate takes positions favorable to our interests, so can I claim the dinner on my expense report?

    No. If you did this, it would be considered a political contribution, which would violate our policies. While you are free to attend political fundraising events as an individual, you must not use Company assets or funds, or give the impression that you are representing Danaher. If you think your involvement might create a conflict of interest or appear inappropriate, discuss it with your manager.

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