International Trade


    We are committed to following applicable international trade laws, including import and export controls regulations, compliance with sanctions and anti-boycott laws, and anti-money laundering laws. Each of us has a responsibility to ensure that we comply with trade laws and regulations in any country where we do business.

    As Danaher continues to expand globally, those of us who deal with the importation of goods and export-controlled items, technology and services have an obligation to understand and comply with applicable regulations. This includes import and export laws, technology control plans, the conditions and provisos of export license authorizations that may apply to their business or facility and Danaher’s Import and Export Compliance Policies.

    Export Regulations

    All associates are responsible for abiding by export laws. Export control laws govern the transfer of goods, services and technology to another country. Note that export controls govern many types of exchanges of information across national borders, including email transmissions and web access to different servers that could contain export controlled technical data. The U.S. also controls the transmission of certain export controlled technical data to non-U.S.-persons within the United States.

    Import Regulations 

    All associates are responsible for abiding by import laws. Import laws and regulations govern the importation of goods. Such laws ensure only admissible goods enter the importing country, and that the correct amount of duties and taxes are paid on those goods. We must maintain, among other things, accurate information on the commodity/nomenclature, commercial value and country of origin of all imported goods.

    Export and Import Regulations

    If you are involved in the transfer of goods or services across national borders on behalf of our company or our customers, you must comply with these laws, regardless of where you are located. If U.S. law conflicts with a local trade law, U.S. law may apply. Always consult with the Trade Compliance Team or the Legal Department for proper guidance on this subject.

    Anti-Money Laundering Laws 

    Danaher complies with all laws that prohibit money laundering or financing for illegal or illegitimate purposes. “Money laundering” is the process by which persons or groups try to conceal the proceeds of illegal activities, or try to make the sources of their illegal funds look legitimate. All associates should ensure that they are conducting business with reputable customers, for legitimate business purposes, with legitimate funds.

    It is important that we know and comply with all laws and regulations intended to prevent money laundering. This means we must make and receive payments for goods and services only via approved and documented payment practices, and we must be vigilant and exercise good judgment when dealing with unusual customer transactions.

    Check for “red flags,” such as requests from a potential customer or supplier for cash payments or other unusual payment terms. If you suspect money laundering activities, speak up and report it.

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