Human Rights


    We are committed to respecting the human rights and dignity of everyone, and we support international efforts to promote and protect human rights.

    We comply with all applicable laws pertaining to fair employment practices, freedom of association, privacy, collective bargaining, immigration, working time, wages and hours, as well as laws prohibiting forced labor, compulsory labor, child labor, employment discrimination and human trafficking. We will not tolerate the abuse of human rights in our operations or in our supply chain.

    Each of us can help support efforts to eliminate human rights abuses:

    • Report any suspicion or evidence of human rights abuses in our operations or in the operations of our business partners to your manager, or use Speak Up!
    • Remember that respect for human dignity begins with our daily interactions with one another,  our customers and business partners. It also includes promoting diversity and inclusion, accommodating disabilities and doing our part to protect the rights and dignity of everyone with whom we do business.


    When I was visiting a new supplier, I noticed employees that were working there that seemed young. When I asked about it, I did not get a clear answer. What are my next steps?

    You did the right thing — first, to be on the lookout for human rights abuses, and second, to raise the issue with our supplier. The next step is to report the incident to the Legal Department. We are committed to human rights and to the elimination of human rights abuses, including child labor.

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