Fair Competition


    We believe in fair, free and open competition. We gain our competitive advantages through the quality of our products, rather than through unethical or illegal business practices.

    Every country where we operate has laws that govern relationships with competitors, suppliers, distributors and customers. While the legal requirements vary, fair competition laws (also called antitrust, monopoly or competition laws) generally share the same objective — to ensure that markets operate efficiently by providing competitive prices, customer choice and innovation. 

    Industry Meetings

    Industry and trade association meetings serve legitimate and worthwhile purposes. However, these meetings also carry risk because they bring together competitors who might discuss matters of mutual concern and potentially cross the line of what is permissible. Even joking about inappropriate topics, such as marketing or pricing strategies, could be misinterpreted and misreported.  

    If the conversation turns to any kind of anti-competitive discussion, you should refuse to discuss the matter, leave the conversation immediately and report what happened to the Legal Department.

    • Never talk with, or signal, our competitors about any aspect of our pricing, sales volumes, customers or territories. This applies even to casual conversations.

    • Do not discuss boycotting customers, suppliers or competitors.

    • Do not agree with a competitor to coordinate bidding, or agree with a customer or competitor not to deal with other companies.

    • Consult with the Legal Department if you have any questions or concerns about violations of anti-competition laws.

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