Environmental Protection & Sustainability


    At Danaher, we strive to meet or exceed applicable environmental laws, regulations and permit requirements, and we use environmentally sound practices to ensure the protection of the environment.

    Associates who work directly with regulated materials have specific responsibilities to ensure they are used, stored, transported and disposed of in a legal, safe and responsible way. All associates should be proactive and look for ways that we can reduce waste and use energy, water and natural resources more efficiently.

    In addition to environmental compliance, Danaher is also committed to sustainability in all our operations. Our commitment to environmental protection and sustainability includes:

    • Continuous improvement in environmental performance and minimization of waste, water consumption and energy use,
    • Prevention of pollution,
    • Integration of sound environmental practices into our business practices including procurement and product design, testing, manufacturing and support, and
    • Consideration of environmental impacts while developing new products or processes, in selecting production materials and before buying, leasing or selling property.