Health and Safety


    We are committed to providing a healthy and safe workplace for associates and others who visit our facilities. Our commitment to health and safety is everyone’s job. Look out for one another, work together to help ensure that our operations are safe and “Stop, Think and Speak Up” when you are concerned or uncertain about potential hazards in your work area.

    • Help maintain a safe workplace; be proactive to help prevent workplace injuries, whether you work in a Danaher facility or in the field.

    • Know the emergency and security procedures that apply where you work.

    • Never bypass or work around safety or security devices or procedures.

    • Understand and adhere to your OpCo’s driving and travel policies when driving or traveling on company business

    • Ensure that your performance is not impaired by alcohol or any drugs, including prescriptions and over-the-counter medications, while conducting Danaher business. Alcoholic beverages are only allowed for moderate consumption at company-sponsored events.

    • Help contractors, customers and others we work with understand and follow our safety procedures.

    If you are injured on the job, notify your manager immediately, no matter how minor. Never assume that someone else has made the report.

    Workplace Violence

    Violence of any kind has no place at Danaher. We will not tolerate:

    • Threatening or intimidating others at any time, whether physically or verbally, for any reason.

    • Acts of vandalism, arson or other criminal activities.

    • Weapons are not allowed on Danaher property unless specifically authorized by the company and subject to applicable law.


    I have noticed some practices in my area that do not seem safe. Who can I speak to? I am new here and I do not want to be considered a troublemaker.

    Discuss your concerns with your manager or report your concerns to the OpCo EHS manager. There may be very good reasons for the practices, but it is important to remember that, at Danaher, raising a concern about safety is never viewed as causing trouble - it is being responsible. If your concerns are not resolved by notifying your manager, use Speak Up! or contact any of the other resources listed in the Code.

    A co-worker seems to be under the influence of drugs. I am worried that she might cause a safety problem and hurt herself or others. What should I do?

    You are right to be concerned. If you believe there is a safety risk, speak with your manager immediately. Anyone on the job who is impaired by alcohol or any drugs – legal or illegal – could be a safety risk. Steps need to be taken immediately to address the problem.

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