Data Privacy


    We are committed to a culture that protects the privacy of our associates, customers and business partners. We must always handle their personal data with care and protect the personal data that is entrusted to us.

    Data privacy laws cover how we can collect, store, use, share, transfer, protect and dispose of personal data, and we must comply with these legal requirements everywhere we operate. The data we collect, use, and store about our associates, customers, and business partners (to include third parties, channel partners and vendors) are company confidential, and should never be shared with individuals or parties that do not have authorization to access it, and it should not be used for anything other than legitimate business purposes. How we collect, use, and store customer and associate personal data must also be specified in our customer- and associate-facing data privacy notices.

    • Keep personal data safe, secure, and accurate.

    • Collect, access, use, and store personal data for legitimate business purposes only.

    • Adhere to applicable data privacy laws, our data privacy policies, and privacy notices when working with personal data.

    • Use secure tools to share personal data with individuals inside or outside of Danaher, and limit access to only authorized individuals.

    • When we use third parties to provide services for us, they must be obligated to maintain privacy protections to the personal data we share.

    If you believe personal data has been used in violation of our policies, you must notify your manager, Privacy Leader, the Legal Department, or use Speak Up!


    To save time, we have been using an open SharePoint instance where we manage HR cases across the business.  We only provided the link to those that need access, but it would be accessible to anyone that searches for it. I do not want to get anyone into trouble, but I do not think it is right that associates’ personal data and sensitive data are left for all to see. What should I do?

    Protecting confidentiality and privacy is the responsibility of everyone. Immediately notify your Privacy Leader, the Legal Department or use Speak Up!, so this risk can be effectively mitigated, and the right solution can be provided to your team to manage associates’ personal data and sensitive data moving forward.