Government Relations


    Special legal and contracting rules often apply to our dealings with governments. These rules include bidding or procurement requirements, special billing and accounting rules, and restrictions on subcontractors or agents we may engage.

    Regardless of what the laws may be in your location, you must respect these fundamental principles:

    • Always participate in government procurements with the utmost integrity and honesty.

    • Never attempt to win a government contract or even influence tender specifications by offering anything of value to a government employee or any relative or associate of a government employee.

    • Never attempt to obtain information to give Danaher an unfair competitive advantage in a government procurement.

    • Always be truthful and accurate in all written and oral communications with government officials and agencies.

    • Keep all required records.

    • Strictly follow the terms of government contracts. For example, do not make any substitutions for the goods and services to be delivered, or deviate from requirements, without written approval.

    • Contact the Legal Department if you have any questions.

    Wherever you are located, if you are pursuing government business for Danaher, or are responsible for performing work under a government contract, you are responsible for knowing and following all applicable government procurement and contracting laws.


    The technical manager working for a state-controlled hospital wants to see our latest technology. He is paying for his own flights and hotel accommodation, but would like us to provide administrative support and local transportation. He also expects us to entertain him in the evening. Is this appropriate?

    The first thing to note is that since this involves an employee of a state controlled hospital, the technical manager is a government representative. You can support visits of government and state company delegations to our offices and sites, but only if all items are approved in advance by the Legal Department. It is also permissible to promote, demonstrate and explain the benefits of our products or technology to government employees who are decision-makers or potential partners, but you must not try to influence them by offering personal benefits. Discuss the situation with the Legal Department before taking any further action.

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    Cooperating with Investigations

    Always cooperate with government authorities in connection with requests for information or inspections. When responding to a government request, tell the truth and never mislead anyone, impede their work, or conceal, destroy or alter documents.

    Notify the Legal Department whenever there is a non-routine government request for information or visit.