Gifts and Entertainment


    An occasional gift or entertainment is often viewed as a normal part of doing business, but sometimes even a well-intentioned gift can be inappropriate and in violation of our policy or the law.

    At Danaher, associates may only exchange modestly valued gifts and entertainment that are a reasonable compliment to business relationships, and do not improperly influence others. We do not accept or provide gifts or entertainment if the intent is to bias a decision or is in return for any business, services or confidential information. 

    When exchanging gifts and entertainment, all of the following guidelines must be met:

    • It must be modest in value and not frequent.

    • It must not appear to influence, or give the appearance of influencing, the business judgment of the recipient.

    • There must be a reasonable business purpose.

    • Always make sure records of gifts and entertainment are accurate and reflect the true nature of the transaction.

    The following practices are never allowed:

    • Giving or receiving gifts or entertainment during the bidding process.

    • Giving or accepting lavish or frequent gifts or entertainment.

    • Giving or accepting any gift of cash or a cash equivalent (gift cards, gift certificates).

    • Giving or accepting any gift or entertainment that could be embarrassing or reflect negatively on Danaher’s reputation or your reputation.

    • Any gift or entertainment that violates the policies of the recipient’s organization.

    • Giving gifts, benefits or entertainment of any kind to a government official.

    Gifts and Entertainment – Government Officials

    Extra care needs to be taken when dealing with government officials. Complex rules govern the giving of gifts and entertainment to government officials (which includes employees of state-owned entities). What may be permissible for commercial customers may be illegal when dealing with governments.

    • No gifts or other benefits, including entertainment, can be offered to government officials.

    • Any request made to an associate by a government official for a payment, other than legitimate taxes or fees, must be reported immediately to the Legal Department.

    • If you have questions, contact the Legal Department immediately.

    Remember: In many countries where we operate, government officials includes healthcare professionals, healthcare administrators and staff in hospitals, as well as government run healthcare programs.


    A supplier offered me two tickets to a Broadway show. He cannot come with me himself, but has told me to take a friend. The tickets are probably expensive. May I accept them?

    Because the supplier is not accompanying you, the tickets are not considered entertainment but are a gift. You will need to get approval from your manager who will provide guidance in line with Danaher and the OpCo’s policies.

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