Competitive Intelligence


    We obtain competitive information only through legal means and never through misrepresentation, or through any behavior that could be construed as “espionage,” or “spying”.

    • When collecting business intelligence, always live up to our standards of integrity — never engaging in fraud, misrepresentation or deception to obtain information.

    • When we hire former employees of competitors, we must respect any legal or contractual obligation not to use or disclose the confidential information of their former employers.

    • If you have any questions about whether certain competitive activities comply with our Code, you should immediately consult with your manager or the Legal Department.


    I just joined Danaher after working for several years at one of our competitors. Can I share confidential and proprietary marketing information that I developed while working at my previous job?

    You can use the general knowledge and skills you learned in your previous job, but you cannot bring to Danaher any confidential or protected materials produced by you or anyone else for your former employer. If the marketing information is confidential, proprietary or a trade secret of your past employer, using or sharing it now would breach our policies, your obligations to your past employer and possibly the law. You are obliged to protect such information from your past employer just as Danaher Associates are obliged to protect ours. Check with the Legal Department if you have questions about any specific information

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