Social Media


    When making a statement on a social media platform, you do so as an individual, and should not give the appearance of speaking or acting on behalf of Danaher. Always be aware that social forums are monitored by clients, colleagues and regulators. Think carefully before you hit the ‘send’ button in an email or a text. When using social media:

    • Use good judgment, including expressing ideas and opinions in a respectful manner.  
    • Clearly state that any opinions you express are your own and do not reflect those of Danaher. 
    • Do not disclose confidential business information about the Company, our customers, or our business partners.
    • Do not give the appearance of representing the Company unless you have been granted specific permission to do so.
    • Do not engage in rumor or speculation about Company matters in which you may be involved or have been made aware.


    Someone has posted a claim on an on-line social network about Danaher that I know is false. The post says that we are planning to change suppliers and not only suggests that we are endorsing the new supplier, but that we are not pleased with our current supplier. I think it is important that we correct the misinformation. Is it acceptable if I go ahead and post a response?

    While it may be tempting to correct the information and engage with the source of the misinformation, you should instead contact Danaher’s Corporate Communications Department and let them take the necessary steps.

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