Use of Company Assets


    Each of us is entrusted with the care of Company assets.  We must protect them from loss, damage, theft, waste and improper use. Any digital communication using company assets or company managed tools may not be confidential.

    Danaher assets include physical property, facilities, equipment, vehicles, inventory and supplies, as well as corporate opportunities, financial resources, intellectual property, confidential information, files, documents, information systems and data.

    • Our assets must not be given or sold to anyone without appropriate approval.
    • Only use authorized software, devices and procedures.
    • Email, our information systems, and the data on them are considered Company property. You should have no expectation of personal privacy when using Company assets. Danaher has a responsibility to take necessary precautions to protect our Company assets.
    • Limited personal use of phones, the internet, email and instant messaging is allowed as long as it does not interfere with your job, business use of the systems or violate any Danaher policies.

    Officers are the only associates allowed to sign documents or exercise authority on behalf of Danaher Corporation, or authorize others to do so. In your particular business, signature authority and spending authority are also limited and assigned to certain roles or individuals. Making business commitments outside of these processes, through side deals or otherwise, is not acceptable.  

    If you are ever in doubt as to whether you have authority to sign a document or take another action on behalf of the Company, or any of its subsidiaries, do not act until you are able to establish your authority to act, or you obtain appropriate approval.


    I have an online greeting cards business that I operate from home, usually on the weekends. On days when I finish lunch early, can I use my Danaher computer to process orders from the previous day?

    No. Our policies prohibit you from carrying out non-Danaher business on our information systems. You must only run your home business at home, using your own computer and systems.


    We are all increasingly dependent on connected devices (laptops, tablets, mobile phones) and information systems to conduct business and communications. Each of us must do our part to protect our data and information systems from accidental and intentional misuse, abuse, tampering, disablement, or unauthorized access to our information systems and data.

    • Make sure you follow our policies and procedures that are designed to protect our systems, applications, networks, and assets from attack, damage or unauthorized access.
    • Follow a Think. Protect. Secure. Together. mindset when utilizing company information systems and accessing company data.
    • Never share or allow someone besides yourself to use your usernames and passwords.
    • Be alert to phishing scams or other attempts to uncover sensitive personal or corporate information.
    • Do not open suspicious links in emails, even if you think you know the source.

    Find out more: Danaher Information Security Policy