External Communications


    Danaher strives to provide clear and accurate information to the media, financial analysts and the public. In addition to satisfying important legal requirements, this helps us maintain the trust of our shareholders, potential investors and government regulatory bodies. This, in turn, strengthens our corporate reputation. For these reasons, it is important that only designated associates speak publicly on behalf of Danaher.

    • If you receive a call or request for information from a member of the media or a financial analyst, gather the relevant facts and consult with Danaher’s Corporate Communications or Danaher’s Investor Relations Department before responding.
    • Never give the impression that you are speaking on behalf of Danaher in any communication that may become public if you are not specifically authorized to do so by an appropriate officer of Danaher Corporation.
    • Obtain approval from Danaher’s Corporate Communications Department before making public speeches, writing articles for professional journals, or engaging in other public communications when you are speaking on behalf of Danaher.

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