Your Responsibilities


    You have a responsibility to yourself, your fellow associates and the Company to conduct business legally and ethically.

    Make sure you understand our Code and policies, and pay attention to the policies that apply to your job responsibilities. If you are unclear about your responsibilities, or what the right thing to do is, talk to your manager or access any of the other resources listed in our Code, including Speak Up! and the other resources listed in the  Danaher Escalation Policy.

    Do your best to prevent violations of our Code and policies before they occur, and if you suspect that there has been a violation, let someone know. Ignoring problems only makes these violations worse.

    When you act, and Speak Up!, you help us address problems that could harm others or our Company.

    Additional Responsibilities of Danaher Leaders

    If you are a leader or manager, you have additional responsibilities to help us meet our high standards of ethics and compliance:

    • Lead by example and be a role model for ethical behavior.

    • Be a resource for others. Communicate to associates and business partners about how the Code and policies apply to their daily work, and help them to understand the importance of a strong ethics and compliance culture.

    • Create an environment where associates understand their responsibilities and feel comfortable raising concerns without fear of retaliation.

    • Consider ethics and compliance when hiring, evaluating and rewarding associates.


    I am a manager. If I observe misconduct in an area not under my supervision, am I still required to report the issue? I would rather not get involved.

    You are chiefly responsible for associates under your supervision, but all associates – and especially leaders - are required to report any misconduct they become aware of. The best approach is to talk first with the manager who oversees the area in which the problem is occurring, but if this doesn’t work, or is not feasible, you should use any of the other resources listed in the Code. Remember, if there is misconduct at Danaher, it is everyone’s problem.