Our Standards

    Growing through integrity not only ensures that we will be proud of our success, but of how we achieve it.

    Our Code of Conduct remains up-to-date, in line with best practices and relevant for today's business challenges. It is a useful and practical resource for associates. 

    Our Core Values and our commitment to high ethical standards is the foundation to integrity and compliance at Danaher. Throughout the Code, you will find links to our policies, which provide more details and specifics than are included in the Code.

    Know Our Code

    Welcome to our Code of Conduct (“Code”).

    From time to time, all of us face  difficult business decisions.  At Danaher, when these situations occur, we are fortunate to have resources to turn to for help. We can rely on one another, on our leaders and on subject matter experts throughout the Company. But just as important, we also have Our Core Values which provide a framework for our decisions. (Throughout the Code, “Danaher” or the “Company” refers to Danaher Corporation, all Danaher companies and its direct and indirect subsidiaries). 

    The Code is intended to help us apply Our Core Values, our policies and the law to make the best decisions for ourselves, our colleagues, our customers and Danaher.

    Of course, the Code cannot cover every situation. If you need additional information or guidance you can contact any of the resources listed throughout the Code. More detailed policies on specific topics are also available on Danaher Connect.

    Our Code applies everywhere we do business. Associates are expected to comply with the formal requirements of the Code, applicable laws and regulations and Company policies. If there is a conflict between the requirements of our Code and the laws, customs or practices in a particular region, you must talk with your manager or the Legal Department to determine the best course of action.

    Who Must Follow Our Code?

    Our Code applies to all Danaher associates and, when they are acting on behalf of Danaher, all directors of Danaher Corporation or any of its direct or indirect subsidiaries. 

    We also expect anyone acting on our behalf to conduct themselves in a manner consistent with our Code and other policies. This includes our suppliers, channel partners, consultants, independent contractors, logistics providers and business partners. Appropriate measures may be taken if a business partner fails to meet our Code or its contractual obligations.