Ethics and Compliance at Danaher


    The Danaher Code of Conduct is endorsed by, and has the full support of the Danaher Board of Directors. The Danaher Board of Directors is responsible for overseeing ethics and compliance at Danaher.

    The Ethics and Compliance team, among other responsibilities, applies and interprets the Code, manages the intake and investigation of Speak Up! questions and concerns, develops and disseminates ethics and compliance trainings and communications, and assists with the design and implementation of preventative compliance measures.

     The Danaher Ethics and Compliance team is managed by the Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer who reports directly to the Danaher Corporation General Counsel. The General Counsel has direct access and reporting obligations to the Board of Directors and appropriate Board committee. In administering the Code, the Ethics and Compliance team works closely with other Corporate, Platform and Operating Company functions including Legal, Human Resources, Internal Audit, Finance and other groups focused on ensuring and monitoring compliance.