Additional Ethics and Compliance Resources


    Additional resources are located within the Platform or the OpCo.  Visit the Ethics and Compliance page on Danaher Connect for a list of all Compliance Resources. 

    For general inquiries, please contact

    For questions on compliance training, you may contact your HR Point of Contact (POC)

    Speak Up!

    The Speak Up! Program is in place for you to ask questions, seek guidance, and to report your concerns in an anonymous and confidential way. Associates are encouraged and expected to ask questions when unsure about any ethics or compliance issue, and are required to report actual or potential violations of law, our Code of Conduct or other Danaher policy. In bringing questions or violations to management's attention, you are helping to ensure Danaher and our Operating Companies achieve and sustain the highest levels of ethics and compliance, and you are helping build the foundation of our future success! 

    Examples of some areas where associates may use Speak Up! to report concerns are as follows:

    • Accounting, record keeping and auditing irregularities
    • Expense reporting fraud or irregularities
    • Bribery, corruption or illegal payments
    • Inappropriate documentation practices,
    • Inaccurate financial records (or the intention to file inaccurate or irregular financial records)
    • Criminal conduct
    • Violations of law
    • Discrimination and workplace harassment
    • Product quality issues
    • Manufacturing practices
    • Violation of (or the non-adherence to) Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) standards
    • Conflicts of interest
    • Theft or fraud
    • Workplace violence
    • Substance abuse

    How to Report an Issue

    You may report any issues to your immediate manager, or to any of the following resources:

    • Another manager at your Danaher Company
    • Human Resources or Legal/Compliance Department at your Danaher Company
    • Any member of Danaher Corporation management
    • Any member of the Danaher Corporation Internal Audit Staff
    • Integrity and Compliance Helpline at
    • Any member of the Danaher Corporation Board of Directors

    Please note that our Speak Up! Program is administered by a third-party provider and NOT by Danaher to preserve the anonymity and confidentiality of your report.  You are encouraged to submit reports relating to violations stated in our Code of Conduct, as well as asking for guidance related to policies and procedure and providing positive suggestions and stories.

    The information you provide will be sent to Danaher by our third-party provider on a totally confidential and anonymous basis if you should choose. You have our guarantee that your comments will be heard.  Speak Up! phone numbers are subject to change without prior notice but you can always find the most current information at:

    Danaher supports Associates' right to speak out about matters of public concern or engage in certain activities related to the terms and conditions of their employment. Nothing in the Code or in any of our policies is intended to limit or interfere with the right to engage in activities protected under Section 7 of the U.S. National Labor Relations Act, or any other local laws or applicable regulations, such as discussions related to wages, hours, working conditions, health hazards and safety issues.

    The existence and content of the Code will be disclosed to shareholders and will be available on Danaher’s website.

    In limited circumstances, Danaher may waive provisions of our Code of Conduct. All waivers require the pre-approval of the Danaher Corporation Board of Directors, Chief Executive Officer, General Counsel or Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer in writing, and a waiver for a Danaher Corporation director or executive officer may be made only by the Danaher Corporation Board of Directors or by a committee of the Board. All waivers will be promptly disclosed to the extent required by law or the New York Stock Exchange.

    Our Code of Conduct does not give any contractual rights or alter the employment relationship an Associate has with his or her employing DHR Company (except to the extent our Code is incorporated into any employment agreement, collective bargaining or labor agreement or similar agreement which governs employment). Associates are free to voluntarily resign employment subject to any legal or contractual obligations. Similarly, the Company may terminate employment at any time it believes that it is in the best interests of the business to do so, subject to applicable laws and any employment agreement which governs employment.  Wherever used in our Code, the term “employment agreement” refers to not only employment agreements, but also all applicable collective bargaining or labor agreements and similar agreements.

    The provisions of the Code are in addition to, and do not modify, replace or supersede other policies or procedures.