Sailing for Hope

Mercy Ships has been providing humanitarian aid around the world for nearly 40 years. This non-profit organization provides free healthcare to at-risk coastal communities by converting ocean liners into floating hospitals. Comprised of a skilled team of surgeons, doctors and nurses, Mercy Ships brings state-of-the-art technology, operating rooms, reliable surgical water systems and medical training to those in need.

Everything one thinks of as being standard in a typical hospital, can be found on a Mercy Ship. Like any hospital, infection control is of the highest concern. It is imperative that the vessel's water is safe not only for drinking, but also when being used during surgery.

Thanks to a well-established history within the medical device and biomedical industries, Smith Engineering – a distribution partner of Aquafine Corporation – was awarded the contract to provide Mercy Ships with  Aquafine's CSLTM plus UV series for the on-board surgical water treatment system. This system was selected because of its ability to function for long periods of time at sea without additional maintenance. In addition, the system was the ideal complement for the ship because of its user-friendly design and compact size.

"In the ship that this equipment is going into, maintenance assets are not readily available so we have to ensure that each component is maintenance friendly," says Bob Lucas, Aquafine Corporation Distributor Partner at Smith Engineering Inc. "We've been installing Aquafine's UV products (ultraviolet light disinfection systems) for years. They are a "fire and forget" component requiring only an annual lamp change and rarely any additional maintenance."

In addition to installing Aquafine's water disinfection systems, Smith Engineering also took the initiative to begin a company-wide fundraising campaign for Mercy Ships, and has  reached $68,288.82 in donations. As a gesture of goodwill, Trojan Technologies (Aquafine's parent company), also donated to offer further support for this great cause.

Through the Mercy Ships project, Aquafine Corporation and Smith Engineering are proud to contribute and be part of Danaher's Shared Purpose – "Helping realize life's potential". Aquafine's focus is not just about the products that they make – it's about a higher calling in how their products and technologies are contributing to the greater good. This life-changing legacy will more than double the ability for Mercy Ships to administer its humanitarian efforts around the globe.