Hach Walks for Water


On Saturday, May 6, Hach hosted its 4th Annual Walk for Water in Loveland, Colorado. The Hach Walk for Water is designed to raise community awareness of the global water crisis and collect donations to provide sustainable water treatment systems for struggling communities throughout the world. The Walk simulates the journey over a billion people across the globe, mostly women and children, take every day just to collect water — water that's frequently unsanitary and unsafe for consumption. This year also marks the first time that the Walk has gone international with about 45 sales and service leaders hosting a Walk of their own in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Participants walked approximately 3.75 miles. Walkers start with an empty bucket and walk halfway around the course, approximately 2 miles, to an untreated water source where they can fill their bucket. Then, carrying their now-full bucket, they finish the loop. Upon arriving back at starting point, walkers have the opportunity to pour their untreated water into a fully functioning treatment system — the same type of system being donated through Water Mission— to witness firsthand the purification process taking place.

Over the past three years, the Hach Walk for Water has raised over $120,000USD and worked with Water Mission to install their living water treatment systems in three communities – in both Munami and Kunya, Kenya and in Huta Ginjang, Indonesia. In addition to installing safe water systems, Water Mission also trains community residents and leaders on proper sanitation and hygiene practices. This year, Hach was able to achieve its highest level of fundraising yet with a total of around $65,000USD, including a generous contribution and employee match from Danaher. Later on this year, Hach will work with Water Mission to identify another deserving community that will benefit from a treatment system along with the education and resources they need to make it a sustainable success.