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Since Danaher’s founding, Mergers and Acquisitions have been a key part of our growth strategy. We seek strong companies and partnerships in attractive markets, whose businesses will benefit from the Danaher Business System.

History & Philosophy

Danaher has acquired more than 400 companies since 1984, leveraging the Danaher Business System (DBS) and building upon the strength of these great businesses.

Mergers and acquisitions are a key part of Danaher’s growth strategy. We focus on strong performers within attractive markets whose results will benefit from DBS, all while Danaher’s global scope and a decentralized operating structure maintain the individual strengths of the businesses we buy. In acquiring businesses, we seek to achieve leading, incremental topline growth and operating income expansion via DBS.

All of our acquisitions have been unique in their financial structure to meet the needs of both the seller and Danaher. Some successful deal structures have been partial ownership and/or open innovation agreements. Our acquisitions have helped Danaher and our partners achieve winning results for shareholders, customers and our teams.


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